Air Conditioning, Applied (Chillers) & Ventilation Systems contain mechanical moving components which can become worn or degrade over time.

Whilst the life expectancy of a system may be 10 to 15 years, this does not mean that all the components of a system will have trouble free operation or not become worn or degraded. There are many factors which affect and reduce the life expectancy of individual components. Periodic overhaul in line with component life expectancy should be factored into your long-term plan for your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

Overhaul, in some cases, involves the disassembly and inspection of parts for signs of abnormality and/or wear. Replacement may also be required prior to the part failing or causing failure. The standard overhaul interval does not refer to a period in which the equipment operates without problems, but it is a time period in which the equipment operates with high efficiency.

The life expectancy of a part depends on the type of component it is and the function it is used for. An overhaul, therefore, eliminates the causes of deterioration resulting from aging (abrasion, looseness, and dimensional changes in rotating parts), thus restoring the equipment in some way, near original condition. An overhaul extends the equipment service life and
assures many years of trouble-free and efficient operation.

Evolution Air Conditioning Services can overhaul any Air Conditioning, Applied (Chillers) & Ventilation system based on the results of detailed testing. We can create a plan for full or staged overhaul of the system(s) requiring it over their remaining life expectancy. We can take the lead from point of check, to completion of overhaul as well as put a schedule together for future testing and component replacement.