As systems become older the chances of component failure will increase due to mechanical wear. If the mechanical components are put under additional stress through ineffective (or lack of) maintenance, subsequent failure and increased operating costs are inevitable, and the replacement of components can be more expensive than the right maintenance program.
Maintenance Services

Current legislation (F-Gas) requires regular leak checks of systems containing refrigerant gasses which must be documented and stored in your premises for a period of 5 years. The leak check frequency is governed by the volume of refrigerant within the system. As part of our maintenance we carry out these checks as standard and issue documentation to ensure you are fully compliant.

Manufacturers of air conditioning and ventilation products will only give warranty on systems that are regularly maintained in line with the environment in which they are installed. A suitable program is essential to protect your system’s warranty and ensure efficient operation year-round.

All our maintenance programs are site and budget specific and our contracted customers can rely on our 24-hour reactive support service. A planned maintenance program with Evolution Air Conditioning will: