If so, it is highly likely that your system(s) require a “Health Check”. A “Health Check” is a detailed analysis of the design, installation, setup, components, and operation of a system.

A “Health Check” is carried out by using specific manufacturer specialist testing equipment connected to the system enabling the operation data to be recorded and evaluated whilst the system is tested. The operation data is initially checked on site with further (more in-depth) analysis off site.

A comprehensive survey of the installation is conducted to confirm the manufacturers guidance and rules have been followed and to check the design of the system is correct for the application. In addition to operation testing and inspection, we check the setup of the indoor units (field settings) and programming of any centralised control systems. If a Building Management System (BMS) is connected, this is inspected to ensure it is controlling the systems correctly and in line with the way they are designed.

Detailed reports are issued confirming our findings and listing our recommendations to improve the operation, comfort, efficiency, and
longevity of your systems.